We are developing an intermediary language that can be used by filmmakers and composers who want to collaborate in an equal, co-creative way. The vocabulary is continuously expanding and being adapted based on new observations. For the moment it consists of the following terms and categories:




Relationships between characters Terms in this category denote a relationship between characters, which is an important element in the creation of (narrative) conflict and the distribution of suspense.
Artistic approach Terms in this category refer to a general artistic approach and a relationship between the artist and his/her material.
Temporal structure Terms in this category refer to choices that have to be made regarding the organisation of events in a temporal structure. While in a classical, script-based approach this is often done according to the principles of narratology, in this context new terminology has to be explored.
Common terms Terms in this category refer to jargon-neutral words or concepts that both filmmakers and musical composers have an (intuitive) understanding of, and easily know how to translate to their respective practices.

We want to stress that this vocabulary should be used in a non-normative way. It can inspire students and provide them with elements to reflect upon, but it is not presented as a set of terms that must be used. If students consider other terms more convenient, they are free to use these. In the first session we give an introduction to the vocabulary and how it can be applied.