Vocabulary: “Experimental realism”

A term that denotes a general approach towards the acoustic and visual materials that are used, and a general artistic philosophy. It thus belongs in the same category as Artisanal and Artificial. Although the creation process resembles that of artisanal productions, these productions come across as artificial because a disorienting view on reality is presented.

Case 1: Fing

‘Fing’ (2014) by Marko Ivic and Bart Lindeman

Filmmaker: Bart Lindeman

Although the rough textures refer to the act of drawing on paper, and the cutout animation style emphasizes the craft underlying these images, nevertheless an alienated world is presented, that is inspired by surrealism. The movement of the finger and the crab-like character remind of a scientific dissection, which adds a sense of cold rationality. An unconventional color scheme is used in combination with a minimalist, airy setting and no narrative explanation is given for the relationships between characters and events.

Music composer: Marko Ivic

The music has been created as a piano improvisation, from which two minutes were selected to construct the score. The use of nature sounds as part of the music, and the minimal setup of traditional classical instruments, enhances the artisanal tone. Nevertheless, the juxtaposition of contrary sonic plateaus takes the listener to a dreamy mood, which is enforced by the prominent role given to harmonics in the overall sound. This combination of artificial and artisanal elements supports and complements the surreal visual imagery.

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